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Black & Gold


By SteiNwayPeN॰❀ْं✿ִ॰❀

The Mother Spaceship from XEX heard that the small sister planet was throwing a party and they requested the gold and black brigade to make a showing. The XEXians, so as not to upset the humans, put on masks, hiding their multiple arms and squiggly feet and landed of the roof of the Herbis Building. They got confused by the layout of the building but managed to find the small hidden world of XEX-dom.

It was beyond their expectations. They arrived early and all the men were decked out in black with tinges of gold highlighted their rippled cut bodies. At first the men outnumbered the women 5 to 1 but once XARCUS sprayed the room with human hormones, the odds began to change.

Suddenly women rushed to stores and bought up all the black and gold leggings and skirts and scarves and headed straight to XEX.

Stuart, the head of vocals and Steve on the piano contraption belted out sounds that made the women gyrate and the men move their man parts to the same beat as the sounds coming from S & S (Stuart and Steve).

They started the set at 8:30 with Ed Sheeran and followed at 9:30 with songs from Ne-Yo like Miss Independent, and Shape of You. The crowd was shy at first so XARCUS sprayed XEXtox and the crowd became friendly and flirtatious. At 11:00, the last set played and the musicians became God-like They could do no wrong.

The sponsor were Bacardi and the crowd drank and drank. They became enraptured by the tune -like sounds. The staff glided throughout the room attending to everyones needs.

It was the black and gold party and XEX and his tribes would X-mail the XEX King and Queen back home and brag about how the sister planet of XEX out-partied them all. Bartmef and good night.

〜XEX WEST The BARより〜 ~XEX WEST TheBAR より~ 【イベント告知】 4/22(sat)19:30~


White Party


By SteiNwayPeN॰❀ْं✿ִ॰❀

“XEX has mastered the art of throwing a party” read the headlines of the Social Section of all the newspapers in Kansai. On March 25th, XEX had a themed party and once again – outdid itself.

The theme was THE WHITE PARTY and people came out to impress. Mini skirts and bare shoulders, stole men’s hearts while t-shirts and white jeans on the men subtly turned women’s eyes. Darts and free perfume giveaways, free pours of MOE CHANDON champagnes got people’s head in the right mood. And the XEX kitchen, as always, produced some great dinner boxes to feed the hungry souls.

Speaking feeding hungry souls; live R&B Soul,Hip Hop music came and brought down the house. Led by the perfectionist, Stuart Mansfield on vocals and his accomplish the soulful piano player from New Orleans, Mike Lee, the music produced out of this club house was meant to be heard, then digested, then churned out in movement.

The sets including new music from artists like NE-YO and ending with EWF and the pure undulating power that only Stuart can consistently churn out. Mark this one down as another ‘ball-park home run’. The next XEX party is right around the corner. You should come and see if everything you've been hearing is the WORD. See you in April.

〜XEX WEST The BARより〜 ~XEX WEST TheBAR より~ 【イベント告知】 3/25(sat)19:30~


Fashion Exhibition Night


By SteiNwayPeN॰❀ْं✿ִ॰❀

The by invitation only Fashion Exhibition Night event was held on 3rd of March and it was a classic! The theme was The 80’s . The VIP ticket holders and semi-formal gents and gals witnessed an event filled with music and themed costumes representing the sounds of the 80s. Each floor had cocktails and free-flowing champaign. The staff was equally posh and quite service oriented since the invitees were the VIPs of Hankyu.

Stuart managed to stun the crowd opening with The Police - Every Breath You Take and David Bowie - Let's Dance in set one. He managed to get the small-ever-growing larger party into full swing with classics from the 80s like Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) and Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time. The second set began to sizzle with Mr. Mansfield moonwalking across the carpeted stage. The girls began to goggle and swoon. By set three, he was on fire that would need a fire brigade to put it out. The ladies were throwing themselves on the stage only to be protected by his staff. He closed the third set with Culture Club - Karma Chameleon and, lets just say the rest will go down in history as the best entertainment this establishment has seen in many moons.

Mark this down as a must for your 2018 must-go-to events!

Featured Video

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon (Cover Video) - YouTube




By SteiNwayPeN॰❀ْं✿ִ॰❀

Sanbangai Event

I’m not a good writer but I’m a good singer. I’m not a good dancer but I move well. That being said lets talk Turkey. What have you got planned for December 24th? If I were you, I would open your planner and scratch out anything other than the event Im going to tell you about now…
Theme: Christmas wishes and Christmas songs to cheer the weary heart Bring your date and start the season right. This is not the end but the Segway to a big 2017. We sincerely want to wish all of you

  • Venue: Sanban Gai Umeda (In Chayamachi)
  • Date: December 24th, Christmas eve
  • Time: 2 pm and 4 pm (2 – 45 minute shows)
  • Who: Stuart Mansfield (vocals) and Steve Evans (trumpeter and vocals)

  • Stuart Mansfield
    Stuart Mansfield
  • Steve Evans
    Steve Hanuman





By SteiNwayPeN॰❀ْं✿ִ॰❀

Halloween, it’s my favorite time of year. It’s not everyday we have a chance to be someone else! Scary? Cute? A superhero? Funny?

Halloween has been growing in Osaka for the last ten years. In 2001, it was a 20 foreigners on the back car of a JR Loop line train. Now, there are 10s of thousands of costumed people roaming, crawling, dancing and parading around the main spaces of Osaka.

There are lots of choices for parties. If you want to go to THE PARTEE – the best of the best - go to XEX. Mark your calendar Saturday October 29th. The party starts early and doesn't let up until the next morning. There will be up to 500 people dancing and drinking with live music from Stuart and Special guest. When they need a break DJ will round out the evening with dance music and maybe a few corny Halloween songs to make the evening real. Sexy girls, handsome men, great drinks and food will enhance the cursed night. All the revelers will be in costume to celebrate pre-pre Hallow’s eve.

〜XEX WEST The BARより〜 【 10月29日(土)Halloween XEX WEST 】 1年で最も盛り上がるイベントHalloween Party!! バッチリ仮装した素敵な思い出を残せるフォトブース。 DJ・外国人シンガーによるライヴをお楽しみ下さい! 早割チケットまだご用意できますので、お早めに購入して下さい! 本気の仮装でお越しください!

I am a Halloween expert bar none. Let me give you some Do’s and Don't’s for Halloween.


  • Do wear a costume with a pocket – leave your bags at home
  • Do wear the costume from your house to the party – Its Halloween don't be shy!!
  • Do take lots of pictures so you can remember your new friends faces
  • Do drink plenty of water – the costumes are hotter than you think
  • Do wear something to enhance your features (large eyes, long legs, big arms)
  • Do meet new people – Remember …its not you … its your alter ego
  • Do have fun!! This might be your last Halloween EVER bru hahhhhhhhaahaaa


  • Don't wear a mask - Do wear make up or paint your face
  • Don't buy an expensive costume – buy one part and build something original around it
  • Don't bite people on the neck
  • Don't wear long capes if you’re going to dance
  • Don't drink trash can punch with vodka and eat the apples – that's only for Snow White
  • Do bring a friend with a costume that helps you play off each other
  • (Ex Batman and Robin – A priest and a nun)


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