Stuart Mansfield


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Saturday, April 22th 2017

Black & Gold Event

The Mother Spaceship from XEX heard that the small sister planet was throwing a party and they requested the gold and black brigade to make a showing.

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Saturday, March 25th 2017

White Party

“XEX has mastered the art of throwing a party” read the headlines of the Social Section of all the newspapers in Kansai. On March 25th...

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Friday, March 3rd 2017

Fashion Exhibition

The by invitation only Fashion Exhibition Night event was held on 3rd of March and it was a classic! The theme was The 80’s...

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24 December,2016

Sanbangai Show

If you haven't had the opportunity to catch this spectacular show, now is your chance. You won't want to miss Stuart Mansfield and Steve Evans...

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29 October,2016

Halloween Party

〜XEX WEST The BARより〜 【 10月29日(土)Halloween XEX WEST 】 1年で最も盛り上がるイベントHalloween Party!! バッチリ仮装した素敵な思い出を残せるフォトブース。 DJ...

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10 December,2016

Christmas Party

〜XEX WEST The BARより〜 【イベント告知】 毎回大盛況のクラブイベント! 今回は皆様にXEX WESTから 少し早めのX'masプレゼントです! 11月30日までは前売り価格でチケット購入可!...


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